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Optimum Beach values building authentic and profound relationships with our players. This foundation helps us maintain our reputation as a program offering unparalleled skills and strategy training as well as effective mindset coaching. Optimum Beach was founded in 2014 by owner, director and coach, Pri Piantadosi-Lima, and is committed to delivering this unique and impactful training methodology to all our members regardless of age or level. Teaching players to learn and excel is only the beginning. Creating responsible, accountable, confident and thriving athletes is our ultimate intention.

Coaching, Mentoring, Inspiring – that is what we do. Our uplifting yet demanding culture has produced numerous successful players at all levels from the FIVB, AVP and top 5 NCAA Division I programs, to countless podium finishes.

About us

Founded in 2014 by Director and Founder, Pri Piantadosi Lima, Optimum Beach is committed to teaching and applying a unique and impactful training methodology to players, regardless of age or level. Rooted in Brazilian National Team standards, our program offers an unparalleled training system. The ultimate goal is to ensure that each and every player is reaching their highest potential through personalized attention, safe practices and invaluable learned guidance within a supportive and positive environment. 


We encourage hard work, accountability, and dedication. Our enthusiastic staff is made up of talented and accomplished beach volleyball professionals who endeavor to instill respect amongst our players, equal opportunity and an atmosphere grounded in passion and dedication for the sport of beach volleyball.


Whether you are a junior, a college ready player seeking to be recruited, an adult player or Pro, helping you reach your individual goal is critical to our success. We pride ourselves with making invaluable connections with college coaches, recruiting services, peer programs, sports psychologists, sports recovery practices as well as sponsors. We have cultivated a program that truly reflects the community which we serve, recognizing that players thrive under the guidance of a diverse team of coaches, mentors and ancillary sports practitioners as well as beach volleyball supporters.


Our uplifting yet demanding culture has produced success at all levels from players in the FIVB, top NCAA Division I programs, and to countless podium finishes in junior tournaments.Optimum Beach is honored and humbled to play a role in the development of athletes who aspire to hone their skills and strengths while enjoying and helping us build this sport we love so much.

Optimum Beach trains all levels of beach volleyball so players can grow and master the game correctly!! Our coach-to-player ratio fosters focused sessions and core skill development. Along with a unique training technique, our on-court philosophy fuses skills, drills and strategic practices with a growth mindset. We offer a system which helps mold beach players to be the best they aspire to be by concentrating  on:

  • Game Fundamentals
  • Skills and Strategies
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Performance in Competitive Conditions
  • Mobility and Injury Prevention
  • Athletic Nutrition Direction
  • Personal Mentorship
  • Collegiate Recruiting
  • Heavy emphasis on all aspects of ball control
  • Attack and block efficacy
  • Unique Offensive and Defensive System
  • Improving speed
  • Focus on technical footwork
  • Decision making abilities
  • Dexterity, flexibility, and agility

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Recruited Collegiate Beach Volleyball Players
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FIVB 1 Star GOLD Medal World Tour
Open level local wins (adult- juniors)
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FIVB 2 Star Top 4 Finish World Tour

Meet the Directors


Pri Piantadosi-Lima

Club Owner & Director

Pedro Pepe Cost

CRTP/Adults/Pro Director & Master Coach - Club Technical Manager

Erica Brok

NexGen Director & Head Coach - CRTP Orlando Head Coach

Jules Colina

Juniors Division Director & Master Coach

Pattie Bogda

Chief Administrator - Marketing Director