Pro Training

Womens Pro Group 

This is the highest level of training designed for Professional Beach Volleyball Players. 

Have played at least 1-2 years of experience playing in AVP qualifiers

    • Have been competing on the AVP and/or FIVB Tour
    • Want to pursue playing FULL TIME in Qualifiers or on the AVP Tour
    • Willing to make a 3-month minimum commitment to this year round program
    • Must be self-motivated

Please contact pepecosta@optimumbeach.us for more details.

*Pricing subject to scheduling with Master Coach Pepe Costa. You will be directed to create a Playbook account for payment processing.

What you will receive: 

  • Practice: 4-5x/week
  • Plyos & Conditioning: 2x/week
  • Scouted match: 1x per month
    Individualized Goal Plans provided to offer skills achievement tracking and evaluations. Revised periodically (June and November)
  • Mandatory 1-Month Mental Performance Group Sessions with Optimum Beach approved Sport Psychologist: includes 4 zoom calls plus 30-day journal – Additional fee of $50
  • Technique breakdown
  • Specific skill training
  • International level offensive and defensive systems
  • Strategy comprehension
  • Mental/focus awareness
  • Performance analysis
  • Quality feedback
  • Pro beach career mentorship
Conditioning Program

We structure our practice plans to be results-driven and are built around intensity, volume and amount of jumps. Your entire season is designed in advance and around important tournaments for peak performance. 

  • 1-2x/week
  • Proven system of conditioning drills to enhance physical capacity 
  • Running/Sprint workouts to improve speed and agility. We consider pre/in/off season when applying this program to training. 

Recovering during rallies and matches greatly improve and players continue to peak physically even past half way in the season.

Off the Court Services

  • Coach Pri makes herself available to players 7 days a week. Investing in and helping players realize their goals is our ultimate goal
  • Coach Pri makes every effort to attend key competitions 
  • Individual progress meetings and film review is available to all players. Players mus schedule this time with Coach Pri individually.
  • Opponent analysis and scouting reports are made available when possible
  • Mentorship 
  • Professional Partnerships available to help you reach and maintain peak performance levels. These include gyms, chiropractor, sports massage, sports psychologist, to name a few.