How do I register myself or my child?

Please Click here For a “How do I Register” tutorial.

Do you offer Drop In options?

Yes, along with our program packages, we do offer Drop In sessions. We know some players are unable to commit to set training days and or may be visiting. Optimum Beach does what it can to accommodate players as best as possible.

How can I keep track of my attendance?

We ask all our players to be responsible for their attendance and must check in to all practices. Failure to do so may effect your membership.

Do I need a partner?

Optimum Beach does not require partner practices as we focus on  individual development. We encourage you to schedule a private lesson with your partner should you wish to do so or join with  friends. Referral Discounts are available.

What if I miss a practice?

You are responsible for your own attendance.  As a courtesy to your coach and fellow players, we ask that you notify us in advance, in the event that you must miss a practice. Our focus is on the players at practice on any given day. It is important to note that you get out what you put in, so I wouldn’t miss too often. If you have an upcoming vacation, please notify your coach as soon as possible so he/she can help you choose other program options to meet financial and time commitments.Unfortunately, there will be no discounts, fee reductions or refunds for missed practices.

Who are the coaches?

All our coaches have a combination of collegiate experience of no less than 4 years, pro level competition experience of no less than 2 years and no less than 8 years of beach volleyball experience or a combination of all three. All our coaches are vetted and must undergo “Optimum Beach Coach Training” prior to working with players.

Do I have to go to all of the tournaments on the schedule?

No, All tournaments are optional. You can participate in the events of your choosing. You can choose to play in a few events, or  local events if you don’t want the expense of traveling. Your growth is evident by your performance at tournaments. We recommend you attend as many as you can and travel to those tournaments with high-level competition when at all possible. Please note: Members of the National Team are required to attend 5 club tournaments as sanctioned by BVNE.

Where can I find a list of tournaments and how can I register for them?

Please click here for more information on tournament requirements.

How do I register for, renew and/or select Optimum Beach as my club on USAV, AAU, AVP, JVA, and/or BVNE memberships?

Please click here for more information on registration instructions.

Do you have practice if it’s raining?

Yes! We don’t want to miss any practices. We can still learn and be productive, even if it is raining. Know that It will rain at tournaments. However, we do not practice if lightning is detected in the area, and or it is raining hard. Cancellations due to inclement weather are made no less than 20 minutes prior to a practice time. A Raindate Date makeup is provided per season cycle. We cancel practices no less than 1h and 30min hours before start time 

What equipment and items do we need to bring to practice each day?

You will need sport-appropriate sunglasses, sunscreen, a towel, a journal and water each day at practice.

What do the Optimum Beach players wear?

Juniors beach players typically wear bathing suits, leggings, shorts and breathable tops. Optimum Beach supplies players with Optimum t-shirts upon registration. You may purchase more Optimum Beach gear at an additional cost. We require all of our players to wear Optimum Beach tops during competitions.

Does Optimum Beach provide coaching during tournaments?

Please complete this form to reserve a Tournament Coach for an upcoming event. While we will make every effort to accommodate your needs, reservations are based on coach availability.  Coaching fees vary. The first step is to complete the Tournament Coach Request Form. An Optimum Beach Director will contact you as soon as possible.

How does Optimum Beach help in the college recruitment effort?

Optimum Beach has placed over 78 players in more than 38 NCAA beach collegiate programs (including top 5 programs) in only 8 years. We have developed strong relationships with coaches and recruiters and understand the recruitment process. For more information, please visit NCAA Beach Volleyball Recruitment.

How does Optimum Beach recognize player accomplishments?

Yes and Congrats! If you win a medal, or compete in a tournament, we ask that you communicate your finishes on Band. Please include the tournament organizer & date, the age group, and your partner’s name. We will give you a shoutout on social media!


Interested in Private Lessons

Available at North Shore Park:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  4:30pm – 6pm


Drop-In:                     $45/single session

Monthly:                   $450/monthly fee